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HDA Supports S.2461 – The CHIP Extension Bill

Hispanic children and adolescents still have the highest levels of untreated tooth decay in the country, according to a CDC NCHS Data Brief (No. 104, Aug. 2012). This shows how essential it is to extend the funding of CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program – legislation that would continue to guarantee healthcare coverage to low-income children and pregnant women across the country, providing dental benefits that would otherwise be unavailable to millions of people.

The CHIP extension bill includes improvements upon the existing CHIP program such as performance incentives to offer supplemental dental coverage to kids who are dentally uninsured or underinsured, and additional performance incentives to ensure that any coverage of pregnant women through CHIP includes dental coverage.

The legislation also explicitly requires that dental costs be tracked (in addition to medical costs) in order to ensure that a family does not exceed the 5% income cost-sharing limit.

HDA’s vision is to eliminate oral health disparities in the Hispanic community, and supports programs like CHIP that work toward the fulfillment of this vision. Our goal is to ensure the CHIP extension bill S.2461 achieves the support it needs and deserves to pass Congress, like it has had in the past, in order to continue the fight against the oral health disparities in the Hispanic community, and to one day see healthy smiles everywhere.


Orgullo 2013 Program is Launched

Hundreds of dental students to compete while they deliver education and inspiration to local communities for the elimination of oral health disparities 

WASHINGTON, D.C. July 1, 2013– The Hispanic Dental Association announces the launch of the 2013 Orgullo (Pride) Educational Program in conjunction with Procter & Gamble / Crest Oral – B. The dental collegiate competition will bring dental students head to head in areas of oral health education and outreach in their communities.

[For the full press release, click here.]

Each student chapter will present a summary of their activities in the form of a poster presentation at the HDA 23rd Annual Meeting with one or two students present to provide an overview and answer questions during judging. The activities will be judged based on goals & expected outcomes, number of patients seen, ethnic background of population being served, age range of participants, services performed and age range or school grade participating in activity.

This year’s participating HDA Student chapters and cities include:
1.    The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
2.    University of California, San Francisco
3.    University of Connecticut
4.    Tufts University
5.    Columbia University
6.    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
7.    The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston
8.    University of Kentucky College of Dentistry
9.    University of Michigan School of Dentistry
10.    University of Maryland School of Dentistry
11.    Kornberg School of Dentistry – Temple University
12.    Baylor College of Dentistry
13.    College of Dental Medicine – Georgia Regents University
14.    College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics – University of Iowa
15.    New York University College of Dentistry