PANEL C – Improving Oral Health Access

Improving Oral Health Access to Services for Hispanics
through Workforce Diversity

Panel Leader:

Maria Rosa Watson, DDS, MS, DrPH
Research Director, Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County, Inc.

Panel Coordinator:

Sarita Arteaga, DMD, MAGD
Associate Clinical Professor, University of Connecticut, School of Dental Medicine



Improving Oral Health Access to Services for Hispanics 

This panel will explore the issues related to the current dental care delivery system and the improvement of Hispanic representation in the dental workforce. In addition, this panel will also explore examples from medicine related to the administration and the management of the health car e delivery system, and how these may be used in dentistry for continuous  improvement and to optimize our health care delivery system. Lastly we will review and discuss strategies for recruiting future Hispanic dental leaders/ providers into the dental  Workforce, using examples from other fields.


1. To describe the current dental care delivery system within the US and International models.

2. To assess workforce models currently used in medicine and clarify feasibility for use in the dental workforce.

3. To construct strategies for recruitment of Hispanic providers into the dental workforce.

4. To understand potential solutions for the concerns surrounding workforce diversity and how collaborative efforts can be achieved.


 Caswell Evans, DDS, MPH  UIC College of Dentistry
 Lew Lampiris, DDS, MPH  American Dental Association
 Guadalupe Pacheco  HHS Office of Minority Health
 Steven Geiermann, DDS  American Dental Association
 Karen Burgess, MBA  American Dental Association
 Darryl Pendleton, DMD  UIC College of Dentistry
 Lois Cohen, PhD  NIDCR National Institutes of Health
 Alejandra Valencia, DDS, MPH, MS  Chicago Community Oral Health Forum
 Karlene Ketola, MHSA  Michigan Oral Health Coalition
 Astha Singhal, BDS, MPH  University of Iowa
 Mitsuko Ikeda, MA  National Network for Oral Health Access
 Angela Walker  Summer Medical and Dental Education Programs
 Adriana Segura, DDS, MS  UTHSC-San Antonio Dental School
 Manual Cordero, DDS, MAGD  Private Practice
 Maritza Morell, DDS, MS, MPH  Children’s Hospital – Boston