How Dentists Can Embrace the Digital Age: Key Benefits and Elements


The digital age has had a profound effect on businesses of all kinds. This includes service providers such as dentists, who may not always think of themselves as good candidates for a website. The fact is, if you want to be competitive in today’s marketplace, you need a strong digital presence.

This means not only having a website, but having one that is able to reach as much of your target audience as possible. We will first explore some of the main reasons why you need a website. We will then talk about some of the features your website needs in order to get the maximum benefits from it.

Your Patients Are Online

The simple truth is that your patients and potential patients are online, so you should be as well. Not long ago, there was a firm division between online and offline businesses. This is no longer the case. Even though you are operating from a physical office, you can be sure that many people who are seeking a dentist are searching online. We are no longer living in the age when people used the yellow pages to look up local businesses. Now they search online, either on a computer, tablet or mobile phone and type their request into a search engine. That’s why you want to be positioned so that people will see your business listed when they do a search for dentists in your area!

Why Your Website Must Use Responsive Design

More and more internet users are accessing the web via smart phone and tablet. In other words, they are no longer relying on desktop and laptop computers to browse the internet. In fact, if current trends continue, more people will soon be using phones than computers to access the internet. This has some important consequences for businesses who want to reach their client base.

Many traditional websites look fine when viewed on a computer screen, but distorted on smaller screens. In order to reach the widest audience, you need what is known as responsive web design. This means that your website can be viewed equally well no matter what kind of screen the visitor is using.

When you plan the design of your website, then, make sure that it’s responsive. Benefits of building a responsive website design.

Do You Need a Bilingual Website?

In many areas within the United States, the population speaks languages other than English. Spanish is especially prevalent in many metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Dallas, New York City and Miami. Check Hispanic Population in select US metropolitan areas. If many of your patients are Spanish-speaking, this means that you could be missing out if you only have a website in English. Fortunately, it’s not hard to set up a version of your website in another language. This involves a little more work, but it’s worth it if it means reaching a wider audience. Pages can be translated using various software programs, or by hiring someone like Hispanic Market Advisors who can do the translation for you (this is more preferred).

Having a website is a way for you to stay in touch with your existing patients and to attract lots of new ones. In the digital age, it’s very likely that someone seeking a dentist will be searching online. You want to be sure that your dental practice is visible in the search engines!