3 Ways for Dentists to Generate More Leads and Patients

As shared in a previous posts published at HDAssoc.org, it is not news to you that your patients and potential patients are online. What is not always straightforward is how and when to cost-effectively reach them. Here are three ways for dentists to communicate with their audiences and potentially generate more leads from those who are searching a dentist online.


Do you have a mobile or a table? Your patients too. Do you search online for products and services? Your patients too. More and more internet users are accessing the web via smart phone and tablet. In other words, they are no longer relying on desktop and laptop computers to browse the internet. Consequently, in order to reach the widest audience, your website, which is the centerpiece of your digital ecosystem, needs to be a responsive design website. Learn how Hispanic Market Advisors can help you build or convert your site to a responsive web design, and email us at hdassoc@hispanicmarketadvisors.com.



To stay in touch with your existing and prospective patients, your email communications need to be viewed equally well no matter what device and screen’s resolution the visitor is using to open and read your messages.


Did you know that 46% of email is read on a mobile device? What does that mean to you and your business practice? Simply, you need to optimize your eBlasts and eNews for mobile if you want to increase your digital engagement.

Thanks to our partnership with Hispanic Dental Association (HDA), Hispanic Market Advisors is offering HDA Professional Members try this new service during the month of January 2015, as we are beta testing for this year!

The process is simple, complete this quick online form and we’ll connect with you within 24 to 48 hours to help you get your email templates to be responsive. We’ll help you with the details too.


Are you texting Dental Tips and quick reminders to your patients?

Building text message marketing campaigns for your business can be affordable if you use a text messaging service. Club Texting for instance, allows you to import contacts and reach 100 or 100,000 people in seconds after typing your mass text message. You can also use mobile keywords to build your subscription base of mobile users.

In closing, on behalf of all the Hispanic Market Advisors® team, we are sending you Best Wishes for 2015! Feel free to leave your comments below and please share this post with your friends and colleagues.