New Membership Dues for HDA Members

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Dear HDA Member,


The Executive Committee, according to our bylaws, has approved a membership dues increase proposed by the Membership Committee.


It has been after careful thought and consideration that we have seen the need for such an increase.  The following are factors that have influenced our decision to proceed with this proposal:

  1. There has been a constant increase of expenses in the last 5 years despite all efforts to reduce overhead.
  2. Four years ago, HDA passed a dues reduction to stimulate membership growth cutting down dues by one third (1/3).  This reduction was intended to be temporary and for a short term. 
  3. The change in our economy has made harder to rely only on sponsorships to maintain our normal operations, as sponsorship donations need to cover specific programs.

Based on these factors we have approved the following dues: (Active Professional dues in 2013 were $190)




Dentist members:

Hygienist Members:


Lab Technician/Other categories:

Institution Membership:

Dental Office Membership:


* Student Membership:

$250 ($200 National, $50 Local)

$190 ($150 National, $40 Local)

$130 ($100 National, $30 Local)

$250 ($200 National, $50 Local)

$400 (National)

All Dentists $250 and Any other staff $125 ($100 National, $25 Local)

* no change


For your convenience, we have stablished 3 different payment options:

  • Payment in Full
  • Three equal installments charged to your CC by the 1st of every month for 3 months
  • Dues paid in 5 equal installments charged to your CC by the 1st of the month for 5 months

2018 payments may be collected as early as September 2017.  We offer new members that pay their 2018 dues this 2017, complementary membership until the end of the year.


HDA thanks you for your continued support and loyalty and request your contribution and participation, so HDA may continue our mission of being the leading voice for the Dental Hispanic Community.


Hispanic Dental Association

A National Non-Profit Focused On Oral Health Education & Service


2017 Greater New York Dental Meeting, November 24th - 29th

2017 Greater New York Dental Meeting




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