Attention Hispanic Student Dental Association Members (HSDA)

Attention Hispanic Student Dental Association Members

Win a trip to the 2018 Greater New York Dental Meeting Win cash prizes for yourself and student chapter

Nuestros Niños 2018

Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, Inc and the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) invite you to participate in Nuestros Niños, a program designed to address oral health care issues, including prevention and oral care strategies for Hispanic children less than 18 years of age.

$4,000 will be awarded to two (2) students with the case studies that most closely meet the criteria. The two student awardees along with one faculty advisor each will receive funding to attend the Hispanic Dental Association Annual Conference in November 2018 during the Greater New York Dental Meeting. The winners will present their case studies during the meeting. The award-winning students’ HSDA Chapters will also receive $500. Students must be members of the HSDA and the faculty advisors must be members of the HDA.

Students are invited to present a case study with a Hispanic pediatric patient. This case study should include: full medical and dental history, restorative and periodontal charting, x-rays, models, all diagnostic tools used to develop the treatment plan, complete treatment plan, preventive treatment, oral hygiene recommendations and patient outcomes.

All patient images, names and identifiers must be blocked or deleted to mask the identity of the patient to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Act. If required, also submit consent release forms signed by the parent or patient prior to submission.

HSDA students must submit their final case study to HDA by October 1, 2018 for consideration. The submission should include a written report with charts and images used. Please submit to Submissions will be reviewed by a panel consisting of HDA members and Colgate employees and be evaluated on the following criteria; 1) thoroughness of dental evaluation and treatment plan, 2) consideration of cultural and socioeconomic factors, 3) preventive evaluation and recommendations, 4) patient outcomes

Nuestros Niños Award Application
Deadline for Application: September 1, 2018

Colgate Contest Guidelines

Winners will be announced on Oct 22, 2018
Award Ceremony, Saturday November 24, 2018
Greater New York Dental Meeting

HDA and Colgate

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