Community Outreach

The members (both professional and student) of the Hispanic Dental Association are very generous with their time and talents. The local Professional and Student Chapters are committed to serving their community by providing oral health education, dental services, and minority dental career recruitment. Acting as the “hands and feet” of the national Hispanic Dental Association, our members are able to provide tangible, valuable services to the Hispanic community and others in need. To read more about specific Community Outreach programs, please click on the links to the left of this page.

Crest Oral-B/HDA STAMP

The Stamp is a collaborative logo representing  a professional – industry partnership team working to improve, innovate  and commercialize  services and products that improve the oral health of USH  communities.

Crest Stamp-Clear

Did you know?

Among Hispanics, 60% feel that more Spanish-speaking dentists/hygienists in their community would help them “a lot” in maintaining better oral health. (Source: “Hispanics Open Up About Oral Health Care” Read more.)